In the commission for conciliation, mediation and arbitration (CCMA) recent changes have been applied.
The CCMA can now hear claims for unpaid monies owed to you by your employer. In the past all claims of that nature would have to be referred to the department of labour, an investigation would then take place. Unfortunately the department of labour would only issue out a recommendation, this recommendation had no teeth and in order to enforce this recommendation you would have to sue your employer, which is a career limiting move.
Due to the implementation of the National Minimum Wage Act, on the 1st of January 2019, the CCMA has the necessary jurisdiction to hear such claims and deliver an award which can be executed by the sheriff. This means that if you earn less than the threshold of R205 000 a year you could claim the following:
-unpaid salary.
-unpaid commission.
-claim an unpaid bonus.
– demand R20 per hour.
This streamlines the process of finalising issues in the work place as you will not have to institute a labour investigation and thereafter civil litigation.
The CCMA also allows, candidate attorneys who are completing their vocational training to represent members of the public.
This means that it could be more affordable for members of the public to receive legal advise and assistance.
1. Do you feel the this will help resolve problems in the workplace?
2. Would you prefer it if the threshold were to be raised which would be more inclusive of all members of the public what are your thoughts and opinions on this subject?